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Isn't she cute? Welcome to Kaleena's homepage! Kaleena is a beautiful baby Soloman Island Eclectus Parrot, hatched on May 1, 2002. I hope you will enjoy hearing a little bit of her story here! Please sign the GUESTBOOK if you have a moment! This page is graphics intense, so please be patient and let the pictures load- I think you will enjoy them!
Sitting Pretty Kaleena is extra special because she was co-parented! She was raised by her wonderful birdy parents Sammy and Haley, and lovingly cared for and socialized by Chrissy, from www.eclectusfriends.com where you can see Kaleena's amazing baby photos! Kaleena seems to have the best of both worlds- being parent-raised has given her tremendous confidence, but yet she is extremely tame and tolorates nearly anything!

Kaleena on the plane! I was incredibly excited to finally bring Kaleena home, on September 1st. I was a bit worried about how she would take the airline travel, but I was surprised and relieved to see that she wasn't stressed at all! Kaleena contentedly munched on her food and even played with her toy during the long flight! What an amazing little girl! Nothing seems to faze her! After the plane landed at our first stop, and the passengers departed, we took her out for a drink. Kaleena didn't seem to think anything of being in a strange place and acted completely at ease!

Sitting Pretty The flight attendants just happened to be birdlovers too, and after scrubbing up, were thrilled to get the chance to hold this precious little girl! Kaleena was quite the star and handled herself beautifully despite all the many people and noises! I never could have imagined she would handle the trip so wonderfully!

Kaleena with kids! Kaleena is quickly settling into her new home, and easily charming everyone who meets her! I originally had some questions about how friendly a parent-raised baby could be, but Kaleena has put all of those doubts to rest. She is very easy going, will step up to anyone and even lets strangers kiss her!

Kaleena is a typical Ekkie- she LOVES to eat nearly anything, and enjoys playing with her toys with great gusto!

What a good eater!
Killian and Kaleena Kaleena is getting to know her "big brother" Killian, my Soloman Island Eclectus male! Both adjusted well to each other. Kaleena is used to being around her birdy family and friends, but Killian has not been around any birds since he was a baby. He seems to be happy to have a friend! :) Please go to Killian's Corner to meet this adorable green guy!

With Gratitude

Killian and Kaleena Thank you Chrissy for entrusting me with your very first baby bird! I cannot tell you how honored I am that you wanted me to have Kaleena! She will forever be treated like the special little princess that she is! You should be very proud- you have done a wonderful job with her. Also, thank you Pat for your incredible kindness, in making it possible for Kaleena to have such a wonderful new cage in memory of your beloved Obie girl! I will forever be in awe of the amazing generousity of both of you.


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