Saying Goodbye
My Precious Baby You came in my life around Thanksgiving time about 5 years ago. I'll never forget the first day I saw you- you stole my heart right on the spot! You were so friendly and talkative, who wouldn't be captivated? I hadn't planned on getting an adult Eclectus since I had already picked out a baby, but after seeing you there was no doubt in my mind- you were meant to be with me, I took you home that very day! You quickly settled into my life and every day I woke up anticipating seeing you and wondering what you'd say that day. You always were coming up with surprising phrases, and your nearly non-stop chatter brightened my life more than I can describe. Because of my chronic illness I was homebound most of the time, however it gave me the chance to spend a lot of time with you, and you loved every minute. You hated me to be out of site, and soon started calling "Mom!!" to me when I'd leave.

Mugsy and I You became such a large part of my life- I was rarely without you. We ate, watched TV, showered, and played together. You used to love it when I would pound around on the piano- even when it sounded horrible, you whistled, sang, and cheered me on. You had so much fun watching TV with me, when I'd let you run around and play on my bed. You could play "Peekaboo" with a towel forever without getting bored. When I had to go on trips you came along with me and traveled wonderfully. You loved going in the car so much, that you would get excited when you saw the pet carrier and say "Bye bye!!" Sadly, it was also the last thing I heard you say.

Bathtime! One of your favorite pastimes was eating! I remember how you would devour practically anything! You ate more than I ever imagine a bird COULD eat! You also loved taking a shower. I'll never forget my amazement when I gave you your first shower and you immediatly started singing "Whhhheeeeeeeeeee!" and spread out your wings with joy! Afterwards, when I would gently blow you dry, you had to be sure to tell me that you were a "Pretty Birdy!"

Mugsy with young friends! I always knew that parrots were extremely intelligent, but you made a point to prove it every day. You had a nearly unlimited vocabulary and what's more is that you used many of the words in perfect context. When you wanted to go back to your cage, you asked "Wanna go back?" I remember one day when I had promised to give you a bath after I finshed a project- well, I got distracted and forgot. You promptly let me know by yelling, and saying "Do it NOW!" I never heard you say that again, but it sure got my attention! You always wanted to know what was going on and asked "Whatcha doing?" and if not answered, you kept saying "Huh? Huh?" until someone gave you a reply! After getting the answer, you would reply with "Oh." or "Wow!" You loved our little poodle Pierre, and delighted in dropping food down and watching him scramble to go eat it. You could mimic his bark to perfection and insisted on telling him to "Hurry up! Come on!" and "Be quiet Pierre!" even when it was really YOU who was making the noise! You could also scold yourself with a stern "No, no! Stop it! Be quiet!"

Unlike many parrots, you were usually not shy in front of strangers and seemed to love impressing people with your incredible vocabulary. You usually greeted people with "Hi" and "Come here" and if you felt particularly outgoing you would go through your routine of various sneezes and coughs. You loved children and were very gentle with them. When several children visited at a time, you were not happy untill each one had talked to you. Kids loved you since you were so calm and could be held and played with more than most birds allow.

Christmas gifts are fun! I cannot begin to describe the many ways you touched and filled my life with joy. You were like my child, my best friend, and made sure that you were always the one to cheer me up on my bad days. You kept me distracted with your "discussions" with yourself during times that my pain seemed unbearable. You were always so happy and gave your love so unconditionally...I learned so much from you.

I was blessed by your companionship for 3 wonderful years. My greatest fear was loosing you someday...but I never imagined that day would come so soon. One day I noticed you were unusually quiet...I immediately knew something was wrong, even though you looked well, and still appeared and acted normally. You steadily went downhill during the day, and we rushed you to the vet. After numerous tests, shots, etc. you were put in intensive care. Your symptoms were so unusual, the vet could not come up with a definate diagnosis. This wonderful avian vet tried everything for you, and there were days when you seemed to be doing better.

Mugsy and I Every day I visited you, I touched you, talked to you and asked you to keep fighting whatever it was that was making you sick. That week was the most horrible of my life...every time the phone rang I feared the worst. You had touched so many people's lives, that there was a whole chain of friends and strangers praying for your recovery. You gradually were wasting away, but incredibly you fought with all your might. You tried to talk to me when I visited you, but could barely get up the energy to open your eyes. The vet was stunned at how long you held on and kept going. She said she had never seen an animal with such a stong will to live. Nearly a week later when I visited you, I knew the time was coming that I needed to let you go- but I didn't want to be forced to make the decision to have you put to sleep. I told you that as much I loved you and didn't want you to leave me, I knew that you were suffering and that it was okay to go now. It was the hardest thing in the world for me. You must have been waiting for me to release you before you allowed yourself to go on, because very soon after I did, you passed on.

Mugsy The vet diagnosed your death as being caused by a perforated had apparently ingested something a long time ago, that punctured the lining and was gradually deadening it. You must have been suffering the effects of it for a long time, without ever showing any signs. You were in stunningly perfect feather up until you stopped talking. The vet had never seen a perforated gizzard in a pet bird, as it was more common with larger birds such as emus.

How can I describe the agony and I pain I felt? I don't think there are words that can come close. Your loss was one of the greatest I have ever experienced. My soul felt empty. I know time will eventually help heal the ache that lingers but it seems hard to imagine ever completely "getting over it". I miss your giggles and laughter, kisses and cuddles, and most of all I miss hearing you say "I love you" in that adorable voice. I loved you more that I can say, and I know you will never be forgotten.

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