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Parrot jewelry with personality!

All artwork and jewelry seen on the website is handsculpted by clay artist Alicia Merritt. Alicia has sculpted thousands of items for her customers worldwide, and is pleased to share her creations here with you!

Over EIGHTY species of parrots are showcased on this site, and the list is constantly growing. Each piece is handmade using different colors of polymer clay, without any paint, to create a whimsical portrait of each bird. The jewelry is formed without molds, so each piece is unique!

Each creation is signed and dated by Alicia. The jewelry can be glossed if you prefer a shiny finish. Most full bodied birds range from two to three inches, depending on the bird being portrayed and number of birds on the piece.

To browse the website by ITEM, click on the links below, or to view examples in particular bird species, go through the SPECIES LIST.

A comprehesive PRICE LIST for custom orders can be found on the ITEM LIST & PRICES page.

To find items that are available for immediate purchase (NON-custom), please see the CREATIONS IN STOCK Inventory page.

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Have more than one bird?

Multiple birds can be custom made together into an extra special keepsake! Besides charms, bracelets, pins, pendants, earrings, and necklace sets, Christmas ornaments, light switch plates, and picture frames of your favorite birds can also be sculpted.

Nearly any species of parrot can be made!

You may also specify details such as particular coloring on certain subspecies. Alicia welcomes photos of your bird to achieve even more accuracy in coloration. If you have a particular idea in mind for a design not shown here, Alicia is happy to work with you.

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